Session 4: Developing a cohesive group.

So far our attempt to create a cohesive group went through:

In numerology, 4 stays for stability and it is how the fourth session went. This time, the place of the meeting changed. It changed by circumstances. I’ve noticed that circumstances can play a positive factor in any project development: they create a shift in the routine and offer a new perspective.

Instead of meeting in the windmill, we met at Dennis’ s house: a warm and cozy family house decorated now with a Christmas tree and tons of children drawings. It reminds some members of the group “how it was when you have children at home”. We gathered around a big table with warm drinks and chocolate cake (which fitted with Dennis T-shirt prints “cake or die”).


Cozy atmosphere: Marsika, Letty and Cea.


In the comfort of this atmosphere, Cea revealed one of her new creation based on Hélène poetry Aurore. The poetry is part of an experimental project started by Hélène Courrier and Max Boekholt on how “art inspires art”. Responding to the poetry, as a starting point, with own sensibility and ways is a way to break boundaries between art disciplines.




Et si c’était la dernière fois que je devais voir l’aurore.

L’aurore jouant derrière la colline, sa robe rose découpée par le roc.

Je cueillerais la rosée et sentirais le dernier feu de la Saint-Jean à la clarté naissante.

Je marcherais et la terre résonnerait en moi tel un coeur qui bat.

Et si c’était, et si c’était … la première fois.


Cea Maat and her new artwork based on “Aurore” poetry by Hélène Courrier


Everybody was delightfully surprised and Cea, open to comments and suggestions,  gathered compliments and questions.   I felt touched to see how my words inspired another soul that appropriate the poetry and transformed it as art in its own freedom. It feels like my words don’t belong to me anymore, they are to everybody.

As a snowball effect (and there was literally snow outside), all members around the table agreed to participate to the project and date and place were settled for the new exhibit: 23th March 2018, De Paauw Wassenaar during the Salon X.

Now that a good decision was taken, Dennis Luijer (Visually yours) showed the virtual gallery of the Kunstgroep Wassenaar where all artist has their own space to create a personal exhibition.  Next, Dennis is creating a giant poster to summarize all spaces to visualize the entire Artclub providing an efficient support that will be exhibited in the gallery as an overview of all members of the Kunstgroep.


Dennis Luijer and Hans Gussekloo.


Therefore Dennis gathered all pictures from the Kunstgroep website.  He also asked every one of the group to send some material (pictures-videos…) of their art to put in the spaces. The audience is captivated and enthusiast.

What would be a gathering without a final picture?

Behind the red curtains, to close the show, we gathered to make a group picture.



And check it for the fun:




Bravo to the artists! That was a session that created a stable base for the future of the group. A cohesive core was created. Lots of decisions have been made. It was also decided that following sessions would be itinerant. Next is at Ria’s house the 31st January during the lunar eclipse!


Hélène Courrier PhD, storyteller and meaning facilitator.




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