My future of biofashion

The materials are the basis of everything.

Todays’s fashion researchers are investigating new materials as basis of either sustainable solutions or self-growing clothes. Visiting the exhibition “The future of fashion is now” at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam today, I got to see the latest trends in biofashion and wearable chemistry.

toilet paper fashion by Wang Lei (2013)
Toilet paper fashion by Wang Lei (2013)

A sustainable and inexpensive alternative textile material was recently investigated by Wang Lei. This Chinese artist managed to weave toilet paper into clothes. When knowing that toilet paper is totally dissolved within one month when exposed outside in the elements, it makes me wonder if I am going to wear my toilet paper jacket by rainy weather on my dutch bike…

Biolace by Carole Collet (2012)

Research exploring biological material as textile were conducted by Carole Collet. In what kind of future would delicate biolaces made of basil and black strawberries roots occur? I immediately time (and space)- travelled in an Eden where the vine leaf hiding the genital parts are replaced by elegant and delicate organic laces. That would be a future where plant and human would live in symbiosis.

Ferro fluid dress by Iris van Herpen (2014-15)
Ferro fluid dress by Iris van Herpen (2014-15)

The dress that impressed me the most was the Ferro Fluid dress designed by Iris van Herpen. The dress is a combination of a design form based on 3-D printing and the dripping movement of ferrofluid from above enabling the magnetised dress to grow.

Ferrofluids are used in diagnostic and magnetic drug targeting. Drugs can be encapsulated in ferrofluid nanoparticles prepared with biocompatible coatings and having affinities to different living cells. Targeting the area of the patient’s body that required the drug treatment is easy. An injection of magnetic nanoparticles containing the medicine is topically (directly) applied. The drug is released locally as long as the magnetic nanoparticles are held by an external magnetic field.

To me, this installation offered a poetic view of the MODERN OPHELIA  floating in ferric particles: a woman between two worlds wearing a self growing dress symbol of self-regeneration. This gives a vision of a futuristic world were death is replaced by possible rejunevation and self-healing.

Wouldn’t it be great to combine fashion and healing!?

by H.M. Courrier


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